Repented Nurse Reveals How They K!ll Babies For People To Use For Rituals-(Watch Video)

Ghanaian nurses confess how they k!ll babies for people to use for money rituals. In an interview monitored by 24newsgh, a repented nurse revealed how they kill babies for people to use for rituals.

Speaking in the interview, the lady revealed so many things to the host but was asked not to mention names. Things are happening under the dark which people are not aware of.

The nurse went on saying they take money and manipulate DNA Tests. If the biological father of the baby pays a good amount of money. After doing all that, the people who were paying her trusted by so many people because she was honest.

Adding to it, she told the host, the DNA manipulation is something common once you have the money.

“I don’t feel happy because I’m depressed, I have sinned and it makes me feel very bad, she added.

Being asked by the host if the sperm  donations are real, the repented nurse said yes and even last three days she had someone asking her to help him donate his. And with the sperm donors, after they come to donate we sell them to big politicians or rich men or probably a woman who needs it.

She also said that one popular pastor came to her aid for sperms because he needed it for rituals so people would attend his church.

She made it known to that they exchange and sell babies to client’s as well and for that she has no sympathy for doing that.

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