“Sarkodie’s Manager Angel Town Blocks Songs From Reaching Sarkodie”-Ras Kuuku

Reggae musician, Ras Kuuku believes that Sarkodie’s manager Angel Town is the one to be blamed for Sarkodie’s refusal to respond to colleagues.

Speaking in an interview with Accra-based TV3, Ras Kuuku said Sarkodie is not to be blame rather, says he will blame Angel Town who manages Sarkodie.

“For me straight, forward I will say it’s Angel. It’s Angel who is blocking people from reaching Sarkodie . Me myself I’ve sent songs to them and Angel has blocked them. he doesn’t tell Sarkodie what to do but he blocks the songs from reaching Sarkodie,” he said.

Kuuku claims Angel is the one who often keeps Sarkodie away from featuring others when they ask, claiming everyone on the showbiz scene in Tema knows this for a fact.

Although he did not provide any form of evidence to back his claim, he said “the whole Tema South known that it is that fat guy, they know it is Angel Town who prevents Sarkodie from responding to colleagues”.

Ras Kuuku gave an example of how he vibed with Sarkodie at a program and organized a featured but once he sent the song over, Angel made sure it died.

He added that all the blame for the attacks people are laying on Sarkodie should be laid on Angel Town.

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