Taxi Driver Cãught In Broad Daylight Ch0ppíng A Làdy In His Car For Not Being Able To Pay For Her Fair -Watch Video

A lot of things have been going on under the sun, An unknown driver was seen in a video ch0pping  a làdy who boarded his car but couldn’t get money to pay. A lot of ladies have been going through this situation but just that no one records them post them on social media.

One cannot tell the agreement both had but everything showed the lady couldn’t pay her fair and the only thing she know the driver will accept was what she offered for the payment of the debt.

In the video, he’s seen ch0pping the lady at the back of his car while some unknown men were videoing him. The drive ignored everything and concentrated on his job.

What do you think? what the driver did is it right or wrong. I mean taking that kind of payment.

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