The Number Of Followers Selena Gomez Gained After Kylie Jenner Appeared To Mock Her On Social Media Will Shock You

Kylie Jenner suffered a significant blow to her follower count after making a comment that many interpreted as an attack on Selena Gomez. However, on the flip side, Selena Gomez has gained more than 10 million new Instagram followers after Jenner and Hailey Bierber’s dispute.

Jenner and Bieber took to Instagram shortly after Selena shared her eyebrow “oopsie daisy” on social media. On February 21, Gomez laminated her own brows, fluffing them up and applying a lotion over the eyebrow so it is semi-permanent.

Kylie Jenner hopped on Instagram to vent through her stories. She zoomed in on her brows with a close-up selfie with the caption: “This was an accident?????” Jenner then shared a snap of herself and Justin Bieber’s wife, both zooming in on their eyebrows in a FaceTime video. The two were accused of being childish bullies.

Jenner was ahead of Gomez on when it comes to the most followed person on Instagram, but due to this, Selena has surpassed Kylie Jenner.

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