The Story Of A Curvy Lady Who Became A Nurse After Failing TV3 Mentor

No one can predict the future they say, A Ghanaian woman has taken the trending TikTok 10-yer challenge to demonstrate how far she has come in life. The woman posted a video in which she could be seen in both her most recent picture and an older one from when she applied for TV3 Mentor auditions ten years ago.

She explained in the caption of the video that the remarks made by a judge on the reality show hindered her attempts to pursue a career as a musician. She didn’t go into detail, but one of the captions, “Mark Okraku ended my dream,” implied that the current Deputy Minister of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts, who was a judge on the show at the time, had disqualified her from moving on to the next round of auditions because he was not impressed with her singing ability.

However, the new image showed the woman with a lovely smile and a very curvy appearance while she was dressed in a green nurse’s outfit. She wrote “a noble profession” as the caption for that photo to make it clear that she is now content with the way her life turned out.

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