“They Said I Sacrificed My Mom For Hit Song”-Bisa Kdei

Ghanaian artiste Bisa Kdei is known for his unique sound and ability to connect with his listeners  on a personal level. His music speaks to the daily struggles and triumphs of the average Ghanaian but according to him, he says some Ghanaians do not value his work in the entertainment business or his music.

The musician, who had back-to-back hits, asserted that although most Ghanaians would jam to the same song, some locals would dislike his music videos on YouTube. However, he claimed that people outside of Ghana adored him.

Speaking on the Afrobeat Podcast, he added that he received a call from family members while promoting his music on radio and was informed that his mother was experiencing medical emergencies. his mother passed away soon after the emergency call.

According to him, it was one of his most challenging days because of accusations that he had sacrificed his mother for his song “Mansa” to become popular both within and outside Ghana.

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