“They Say I Won’t Find A Husband Because Of My Body-Female Bodybuilder Discloses

In an interview with TV3, award-winning female bodybuilder Mary Nyarko Omarley, also known as ‘Mary got fit’, revealed that her bodybuilding journey has been difficult.

She stated that she regularly receives body-shaming comments on her social media pages because of her appearance, but she is not ready to give up. And the majority of the commenters tell her she will never find a husband.

She continued by saying everyone should believe in their potential and have self-confidence, especially women. When a fan thanked Mary for being herself on social media, that was Mary’s most motivational experience.

The brief phrase inspired her and help her realized that she was doing what she loved, and she was grateful for that. She told the interviewer that she intended to settle down and have a maximum of two children within the next five years. She also urged all bodybuilders to set and meet personal goals.

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