This Happened To Kanye West In 2022 When He Said ‘Black Lives Matter’

America rapper Kanye west lost 80% of his net worth,lost all his endorsement deals,

His wife divorced him,
He was logged out of all his social media accounts,both Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.
His best friend Elon musk and mark Zuckerberg also cut ties with him.

He also puts his children at risk after he disclosed their school address.
he’s manager made a public announcement that Kanye was missing for days and nobody known where he flee to.

All this things happen to him cause of a stupid statement which he said about the Greeks,
And also using his fans to promote#blacklivesmatter protest.
And later on said the “black lives matter”protest was a Sc@rm.

Things got worse for him in a space of one month he lost almost everything he worked for.

But at the end he’s still smiling.

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