This Is Akabenezer’s Advice For Men-(Watch Video)

Ghanaian popular skit creator Rasta Nene also known as Akabenezer has some information for men. Akabenezer is known for being funny and cracking jokes but when it comes to being serious, he does not joke about it.

According to the actor, as a man don’t think of love first, let your greatest priority be money because if you don’t have the money you will know how this world truly is.

We are all aware of his background, as someone who does not have anything but now with hustling and struggling, he is not lacking anything. He travels to any part of the world anytime he wants, and if he’s saying as a man let money be your priority you have to take it seriously.

What touched my heart in his comment was how he advised choosing the right paths and struggle than rushing into something to regret later.

He said a lot of things in the video, so watch the video and comment below with your thoughts on what the actor said.


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