This Is What Former Late Prez Atta Mills Said About LGBTQ

Things are indeed falling apart. The Vice President of America Kamala Harris’s purpose in Ghana is to persuade the leaders of the country to accept the LGBTQ bills which was proposed by the Americans.

A lot of African countries have already accepted the bill, and those who are refusing are being persuaded one after the other, now is Ghana’s turn whether she will accept the bill or not.

The former late President Atta Mills was forced several times but he did not give in now they are here again forcing the current president Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to accept the bill.

This is what the former later president said about the bill.

“Let me make this very clear, no one can deny Prime Minister Kamala his rights to make policies, take initiatives, or make statements that reflect his societal norms and ideals. But she does not have the right to direct other other sovereign nations as to what they should do especially where their societal norms or ideals are different from those which exist Prime Minister Kamala’s society.

I, the president of this nation will never initiate or support any attempt to legalize homos3xuálity in Ghana. As a government, we will abide by principle in our constitution. Which constitution is supreme.

Let me also say whiles we acknowledge all the financial assistance and all the aids which has been given to us by our development partners, we will not accept any aid with strings attached. If that aid will not eneour our interest or the implementation or utilization or that aid with strings attached will rather worsen our plight as a nation or destroy the very society that we want to use the money to improve.”

This is what the Vice President of United States of America is saying;

“Let me be clear about where we stand. First of all, the American press who are here, you know that a great deal of work in my career has been to address human issues, equality issues across the board including those related to the LGBT community.

I feel very strongly about the importance of supporting the freedom and supporting and fighting for equality among among all people and that all people be treated and consider and I consider to be a human rights issue and that will not change” she said.

The question is, will President Akufo Addo be strong enough to reject this as the former late President John Evans Atta Mills did?

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