This Is What Hakimi’s Mother Has To Say About What His Son Did

International footballer Achraf Hakimi made headlines recently when news of him transferring his assets to his mother went viral. His little secret became public following a divorce proceeding between himself and his estranged wife Hiba Abouk.

The footballer was accused of raping someone hence his wife’s decision to divorce him but his wife had the shock of her life when she was told everything his husband have is in his mother’s name. He has two kids with his wife and the wife want a divorce with half of his property.

The news spread like wildfire on the internet with everyone giving their opinion. Hakimi’s mother Saida Mouh has reacted to the situation by saying there is nothing wrong with what her son did.

“If he has taken any action to protect himself, I’m unaware of it,” the player’s mother said, as quoted by Morocco World News.

“What’s the problem if the news is true? If my son does not do this, he will not be able to get rid of that woman” she added.

Hakimi’s has neither confirmed nor denied the news since it went viral on social media.

What is your opinion on what the footballer did, and is his mother doing the right thing by supporting his child?

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