This Is What Happened To The Argentina Fans Who Took Off Their Shirts Inside The Stadium

Topless Argentina Fans avoid punishment in Qatar despite showing breâsts during World Cup final. 

Two Argentina fans who decided to flash their breâsts during the World Cup final have escaped punishment in Qatar.

The South American country were victorious in the final beating France on penalties and the magnitude of the match sparked some wild celebrations throughout.

During those celebrations, a woman and her friend were spotted by TV viewers flashing their breâsts to the camera – which is a crime in Qatar.

Before the tournament kicked off, male and female fans were told to keep their shirts on throughout matches and in public; therefore, with nudíty being criminalised in the Gulf state, fans initially held grave fears for the women’s safety as many thought they’d face serious police action.

However, everything seems to have turned out ok, as the women have managed to avoid any sanctions, with one of them taking to Instagram to update her followers on her whereabouts – as well as uploading more videos of herself flashing.

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