This Is Why Hollywood Celebrities Can’t Stop Flirting With Michael B. Jordan

Michael B Jordan who is an American actor, producer, and director has been one one of the most flirted man on Hollywood. All the female celebrities admire his beauty and his body type. Those who does not do the same thing he is doing still wish to be closer to him.

Here are some of the celebrities who flirt with the actor;

When Michael B. Jordan stopped by “The View” to plug his film “A Journal for Jordan” in 2021, the audience screamed so loud that co-host Whoopi Goldberg had to address it. “Ok, y’all, hold on,” she said. “None of you are going home with him, so just calm down and feast your eyes and let us do this interview.” Seconds later, Joy Behar commented on Jordan’s looks, calling him a gorgeous guy, as well as fine. On top of that, one could say that co-host Sunny Hostin acted like she was smitten with the actor, appearing to be a little giddy while talking to him about “A Journal for Jordan.”

The stage seems to be as good of a place as any for celebs to come on to Michael B. Jordan, which Nicki Minaj proved at the 2018 People’s Choice Awards. Tiffany Haddish showed it as well when she hosted the MTV Movie &TV Awards  that same year. Jordan was in the audience at the time and the comedian zeroed in on him. “Is that you Michael B. Jordan? You fine as hell,” Haddish told him. “You so s3xy you can probably look a girl right in her eyes and get her pregnant right there on eyesight. Look into my eyes, Michael. Look into my eyes.”

The English singer Cheryl was accused of being interested in Michael B. Jordan when they were both on “The Graham Norton Show” in 2018. It wasn’t just her, though, Jordan was also accused of flirting back. But no steamy words were exchanged between the two, it was all in a look they gave each other. Plus, one time after Jordan spoke, Cheryl glanced at the camera, seeming to say she was attracted to him.

Megan Thee Stallion often impresses people when she posts videos of herself rapping. Like in 2022 when she freestyled on the L.A. Leakers radio show and got a big response. Or a few years before that when she delivered an impromptu rap verse in a parking lot right after the American Music Awards. But there was one particular freestyle that really got people’s attention, but it wasn’t because of Megan’s impressive rap skills. The year was 2020 and she delivered a verse as part of her “Megan Monday’s” Instagram series.

Maybe a funny TikTok video would get Michael B. Jordan’s attention. That could be what Michelle Young, formerly of “The Bachelorette,” thought when revealing that she has the hots for him. In early 2023, and just a handful of days after Jordan’s ex Lori Harvey and actor Damson Idris went public with their relationship, Young joined the “Hotel Lobby” TikTok challenge. She did it by posting a photo of herself as well as a caption. “My mom: ‘Never go into a stranger’s car!” was written next to the pic.

Lupita Nyong’o was accused of flirting with Michael B. Jordan on two different occasions. The first time he decided to join in on the seductive back-and-forth, and a lot of people lost it online. It all went down in 2018 after Nyong’o revealed in a video that Jordan lost a bet to her, so he had to do pushups whenever she said. Jordan then tweeted, “Bring them chocolate cakes back. You ready for round 2?” Before deleting it. “No dessert until you come correct,” Nyong’o replied.

Clearly, the “SNL” writers creating a skit about women flirting with Michael B. Jordan, shows just how much it happens in real life. The bit was seen in 2023 when he hosted “SNL” and cast member Chloe Fineman brought up his break up with Lori Harvey. “I know you’re single but did you know that I’m single,” she said in character. After that, Jordan asked her if she was still in a relationship. “Not if you’re available,” Fineman answered, before giving him a sniff. “Can you remind me how to spell your number?”

Oftentimes in rap music, rappers are direct and to the point when delivering a line or verse and it’s an approach that Nicki Minaj used when she flirted with Michael B. Jordan at the People’s Choice Awards. The New York rapper won an award for top Female Artist of 2018 at the time, and during her acceptance speech, she thanked Donatella Versace for making her dress. But she also had a few words for Jordan. “And shout-out to Michael B. Jordan ’cause he’s gonna be taking it off of me tonight,” said Minaj, talking about the dress. She also winked and stuck her tongue out for good measure.

Comedian Phoebe Robinson used a red carpet-appearance to flirt with Michael B. Jordan. It was in 2022 at the premiere of her Freeform show “Everything’s Trash.” The event came on the heels of his breakup with Lori Harvey, which was major news in the entertainment world then. Plus, Robinson let it be known that her friends encouraged her to go after Jordan after he and Harvey split but she had no way of contacting him. “Michael B. Jordan, listen, I know you’re available,” she said while speaking to the New York Post. “[I don’t have your phone number] so I’m doing it here, Michael.”

Chrissy Teigen didn’t let a little thing called marriage stop her from flirting with Michael B. Jordan when they were both on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” in 2018. It could be said the model and TV host, who’s married to singer John Legend, began flirting with Jordan when she commented on how good he smelled. From there, Teigen went on to say there were a lot of jealous people backstage because they weren’t sitting with the “Creed” star like she was. And her flirtation didn’t end there.

Michael B. Jordan is known to make the ladies swoon, and he’s been considered one of Hollywood’s most desired bachelors since splitting with model Lori Harvey in 2022.

Whenever he’s on a talk show, for example, the crowd screams uncontrollably. Plus, his social media followers leave a lot of steamy messages when he posts a pic of himself. And of course, people flirt with the actor online and it’s safe to say they do the same whenever seeing him in public.

An assured and matured actor from an early age, Michael B. Jordan brought the complex web of heartbreak and triumph inherent to young, disadvantaged black men to vivid life in a number of acclaimed performances. Though his roles tended to be cut from the same dramatic cloth his most significant characters were young men from troubled urban homes who fought to wrest control of their own lives.

The actor’s dressing is always on point, checkout these photos of the actor;

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