This Is Why I’ve Never Regretted My Breakup-Okafor Cindy

Entertainer and previous Older sibling Naija housemate, Cindy Okafor, said she has never lamented heading out in different directions from anybody in her life.

The entertainer said she has never encountered a circumstance where somebody leaving her caused her to feel incapable to continue without them.

Cindy cleverly adds that the main situation that could represent a test is on the off chance that a man were to get her a house and, leave; all things considered, it very well may be more earnestly for her to adapt.

“Maybe, on the off chance that a man gets me a house and he chooses to leave me, I probably won’t have the option to manage without him. It is absolutely impossible that I will say I can’t adapt to a man’s exit from my life.”

Notwithstanding, by and large, she doesn’t completely accept that she can’t deal with a man leaving her life.

BBNaija’s Cindy narrowly avoids the grave in engine mishap
Furthermore, Cindy communicated a ceaseless yearn for more in her vocation.

She made sense of that she’s constantly gone for the gold and aspirations, communicating a longing to dive further into filmmaking, grow her acting portfolio, accomplish an expert permit in matchmaking, revive her energy for music, and team up with various brands as a powerhouse.

As to discernment that men surpass ladies in media outlets, she tested the idea. Cindy recognized guys’ strength in the business, yet in addition featured the critical steps ladies are making. She underscored that ladies in the diversion area are accomplishing momentous accomplishments.

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