Three Reasons Why Real Madrid Won’t Sign Cristiano Ronaldo

With Cristiano Ronaldo training at Valdebebas recently in order to stay fit, as he is without a club at this point of time, it expectedly led to a lot of speculation about him making a return to Real Madrid. With Los Blancos light in the forward areas as well, on paper, the move might make some sense. In reality, the situation seems to be very different though.

As reported by El Debate, all the club’s recent additions are concentrated in signings of young talents. The arrival of someone like Ronaldo would break that policy and could hurt the development of some of the youngsters who have earned a place in the first-team.

Also, we have seen during his time at Manchester United that Ronaldo does not like sitting on the bench, having been a key player for so many years. But at Real Madrid, one would not expect him to be a regular starter either.

On top of everything else, the performances of Ronaldo are no longer like that of the past and he is not viewed as the solution to Real Madrid’s issues.

There is no doubt that Ronaldo is one of the best players in Real Madrid history, arguably the very best. At the same time though, one has to admit that he is 37 years of age and no longer at the peak of his powers.

We have already seen how his return to Manchester United turned out and the manner of his exit has raised questions about his legacy at Old Trafford. Surely, Real Madrid fans would not want something similar to happen in the Spanish capital.

Thus, it might be best for Real Madrid to not take the risk. His legacy at Santiago Bernabeu is almost perfect and it should remained untouched.

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