Tom Holland And Zendaya’s Relationship Has Reportedly Come To An End

There was news circulating on social media about how Zendaya rejected Tom Holland’s married proposal. Today, there was a report that the relationship between British actor Tom Holland and American actress Zendaya.

Tom Holland and Zendaya’s fans started the week happier when they heard the news reported by USWeekly that the couple had officially gotten engaged.

Everyone was excited about the news until an insider came out to clear up the rumors.

According to the new reports, Spider-Man actor, Tom Holland did ask Zendaya to marry him on a beautiful evening, but she rejected the ring after explaining things to Tom.

According to the insider, Zendaya was mature and revealed to Tom that she doesn’t feel ready to get married yet. Tom processed everything and understood the decisions of Zendaya.

Tom Holland had by revealing that he wants to get married as soon as possible to the love of her life and have children, he also talked about retiring for while from acting to rest with his happy family, but Zendaya’s plans were also different.

According to Zendaya, her main priority at the moment is her acting career, and all her effort has paid off winning many awards.

These differences have led the couple to take a break, although neither of the two press teams has given statements.


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