Top 25 Greatest Footballers Of All Time Named, Ronaldo’s Position Will Shock You

Franz Beckenbauer, Johan Cruyff, Ronaldo and Zinedine Zidane are all ranked above Cristiano.

Michel Platini and Roberto Baggio make up the top 10.

Who else makes the top 25? Check out the full list below:

Is Messi the GOAT?

So, is Messi the greatest ever?

Well, he certainly wasn’t short of plaudits after the World Cup final.

After his two goals in the final as well as a successful spot-kick in the penalty shootout, Jamie Carragher tweeted: that Messi is “the best there has ever been”.

Meanwhile while commentating on the match, Alan Shearer admitted that an Argentina victory would see Messi eclipse Maradona.

“Would it put an end to the debate of Maradona or Messi? We said if Messi wins the World Cup here, it might have to be him. That’s been the difference, that has been the splitting point. Maradona has won the World Cup.

“If Messi were to win it here, my view would change.”

After Messi and Argentina did lift the World Cup, Gary Lineker suggested the GOAT debate was over.

However, spare a thought for Ronaldo fans who have had a tough few weeks.

They’ve witnessed their idol give an explosive interview about Manchester United which saw him leave the Premier League club.

He then left the World Cup in tears as Portugal crashed out to Morocco in the quarter finals.

Morocco v Portugal: Quarter Final - FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

Despite that, there will be many who still believe Ronaldo is, in fact, the GOAT.

That includes Piers Morgan, who ranked his four best players in football history after the World Cup.

Ronaldo was, obviously, in 1st while Messi had to settle for 4th.

We’re not sure we agree with that one, Piers.

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