Top Achievement Of Eminem 2022 Which Other Rappers Could Not Get

Marshall Mathers popularly known as Eminem or Slime Shady is proving to the best rapper in the recent time. With or without releasing new songs, he kept topping charts and by passing the newly released songs.

50 Cent and Snoop Dogg cheer for Eminem’s success in 2022 for being the most watched rapper on YouTube in 2022 with over 5 billion views.

The gab between him and the other rappers is so large that it could take them more than a year to reached there supposing Eminem’s stopped fans from watching his videos.

Fifty based his information on a> tweet that provided YouTube streaming numbers for the most popular hip hop artists on the platform. @HipHopAllDayy has been reporting on the current numbers regularly, and every time they talked about YouTube streams — Eminem was topping the list as the most viewed rapper. So it is only natural that Marshall finished 2022 with over 5.1 billion views, the result almost twice as big as for No.2 on the list.

50 cent, who is also mentioned in this ranking with a relatively modest number of 1.8 billion views, acknowledged that he could have done better:

Meanwhile, Snoop Dogg joined the discussion, saluting Em for his resilience and longevity

Nothing but respect and support from real hip hop legends. Haters gonna hate and ask each other who listens to Eminem.

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