Top Five Countries Likely To Win The AFCON 2024

These countries are the likeliest countries with the potentials to take home the

1. Morocco

Morocco is slowly becoming a force to reckon with not only in African football but global football. They reached the semi finals of the World and will obviously aim to win the next AFCON to be hosted in Ivory Coast. They have the best squad with massive experience.

2. Zambia

Zambia is slowly regaining it’s prominence on the African continent with the export of excellent talent into major European leagues like English Premier League, Spanish LaLiga, Scottish Premier, Italian Serie A and many prominent leagues. With an experienced gaffer like Avram Grant who still has unfinished business with AFCON, Zambia is likely to win the 2024 edition. They are underrated but they have the best side to beat everyone including the calculator boys of Ghana.

3. South Africa

Many underrate South Africa but that country is doing something you don’t realise. They have drilled a formidable squad with their wrestler. They can conquer any team in Africa except Zambia who consider them their daily bread. But South Africa can win the next AFCON. Countries that go all out local at AFCON with few professionals usually win such your tournaments.

4. Ivory Coast

Being the host, Ivory Coast will play to the massive crowds and would want to win the tournament. They will be incentivised by their government, corporate world and others since it is on their turf. Expect Ivory Coast to be a force at the AFCON. The only problem will come in when they meet their nemesis Zambia. The latter has impressive record over the elephants. In most cases, when Zambia beat Ivory Coast consider them Champions of Africa.

5. Senegal

Senegal is on fire and will likely go all out with their feet to defend the AFCON. They have the best and determined squad ready to beat everyone in Africa. Just like Ivory Coast, Senegal’s problem comes in when they meet Zambia. It will be kerfuffle for the champions. In 2012, the Senegalese squad with Demba Ba was beaten blue black and Zambians knew they were champions. However, Senegal is too dangerous and will be a threat to every team especially South Africa which is full of local and inexperienced talent.

Photo Caption: Fashion Sakala and some Ivorian player.

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