Trending: Abena Korkor Has Finally Returned To Socal Media With Cute Welcome Post-(See Photos)

Abena Korkor is a well-known Ghanaian media personality who recently returned to social media after taking a break. Her return has received a mixed reaction from the public.

While some people are excited to see her back on social media, others have criticized her for the controversial statements she made in the past about some high-ranking officials in Ghana.

Abena Korkor made a name for herself in the media industry as a television presenter and host. However, her career hit a stumbling block in 2018 when she made a controversial post on social media revealing her mental health issues and accusing some top Ghanaian officials of sexual misconduct.

Since then, Abena has taken a break from social media, and many of her followers have been eagerly waiting for her to return.

And finally, the day has come. Abena Korkor surprised her followers with a video message, announcing her return and expressing her appreciation for the love and support that she has received during her absence.

In her message, Abena admitted to being vulnerable and acknowledged the difficulties that she has faced. However, she also stated that she is ready to move forward and pursue her dreams.

Abena also expressed her desire to use her platform to create awareness about mental health and encourage people to seek help when they need it.

Abena Korkor’s return to social media has undoubtedly caused a stir in the industry, with people expressing different views and opinions about her comeback.

After all, it is a positive step for Abena Korkor, and we hope that she continues to use her platform to inspire others and break the stigma surrounding mental health.

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