Trending: East Legon Rich People Drink Children’s Bløød As Their Source Of Wéalth- Popular Pastor Reveals

A Ghanaian pastor, known as Dr. Kwadwo Bempah, has made some shøcking revelations against rich people in Ghana based in East Legon.

The pastor claims these rich people form groups to carry out public events but behind the scenes, a lot more goes on.

He said that, they do a lot of things in the spirítuàl realm, including feeding on the bløød of babies.

The pastor alleged this is actually the source of wealth of these rich people, warning his congregation that they also have to fortify themselves spírituàlly if they are to make it in life because others are doing lots of shady things.

The pastor give out no names, and it’s not clear when exactly the video was recorded.

What is clear is that there is one very popular East Legon rich men’s group, and they are always in the news due to the membership of Osei Kwame Despite. The Despite Media boss also recently held his birthday with a stunning display of extravagance.


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