Trending: “I Left My Boyfriend For My Boss, But He Doesn’t Want Me Again And My Boyfriend Is Not Answering My Calls”-Lady Seeks Advice

A 22-year-old lady shared her story about her relationship and seeking for help from netizens.

“I’m getting depressed. I’m a 22yr old lady and just ended my national service. During the service, I was in a serious relationship with a guy I’d known for 2 years. But we were all doing service and the 559 wasn’t enough.

My guy couldn’t give me much and whenever I asked him for anything he would say that there was no money. I was also a growing lady and needed to keep up with the trendy world of fashion and everything.

Three months into the service, my boss noticed me. He started giving me favors and after a month I started going out with him. He was so kind and provided me with everything I asked for.

He promised to give me a slot at the company if I left my boyfriend and become loyal to him. I weighed the two chose and chose the man. In the course of our, the two chose the man. In the course of our relationship, I got pregnánt twice and I terminàted them under his instructions.

Things were going well between us until service ended. When I call him he won’t pick up, it’ll be days before he calls me back. I asked him about the job and he told me he was busy and that he’ll get back to me.

I went to the company to speak to him directly and I sat there from morning to evening, I couldn’t meet him. I feel so sad and getting depressed. I have been calling my ex-too but he’s also not picking up. I miss my ex and I want him back. What do you think I should do now?”

This is the story of the young lady seeking from advice, so if you have anything for her please comment below.

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