TRENDING: I Will Tell My Children Black Sherif Was Okomfo Anokye-Bosom P Yung

Ghanaian music artist who is known for his hit single song ‘Attaa Adwoa’ says he will tell his children that Black Sherif was ‘Okomfo Anokye’.

“Okomfo Anokye” was the first priest of the Ashanti Empire. Anokye is renowned for his involvement in the growth of the empire. He was also responsible for codifying the Ashanti Empire’s constitution and laws.

Anokye is claimed to have traveled back to Akuapem, the place where he was born.

According to Akuapem tradition, he was son of Ano and Yaa Anubea, both from Awukugua in the Nifa Division of the Okere state.

During his birth in Awukugua, it is said he brought with him gifts from and gods; totem poles which were firmly clinched to his palms that no one could open it, and in the other hand already was a short, white tail of a cow.

According to ‘Attaa Adwoa’ hitmaker Bosom P-Yung, he will teach his children that one of his colleagues, Black Sherif, who has been breaking records, is actually Okomfo Anokye himself.

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