TRENDING: ‘Stop Running Your Mouth’-Man Descends On Lady Who Insulted Ghanaian Guys-Watch Video

Man descends on a lady who angrily insulted Ghanaian guys. In the video, the lady was prepared for whatever is going to happen after speaking her mind about how Ghanaian boys behave.

According to the lady, Ghanaian boys asked unnecessary questions when chatting with their ladies. She said they always asked “Hi how are you? Have you eaten?” any time they wanted to chat with their ladies.

According to her, Ghanaian boys don’t know how to start a conversation. She said they are not good at starting conversations, so they should work on their communication skills.

A man replied to the lady for disrespecting Ghanaian guys in that manner. According to the guy, he could have left her if he was his girlfriend because he doesn’t appreciate little effort. He said there will be a time she will be begging someone to send her “Hi how are you? Have you eaten?”

He said a lot of things which you probably have to heave from him.

Watch the video


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