Video of Dr. Likee Proposing To Delay Gone Viral- Watch Video

One of the best comedians in Ghana has expressed her feelings for television host Delay. Ebenezer also known as Dr. Likee has playfully expressed her feelings for Delay during an interview on the Delay show.

Dr. Likee is known to have been a free guy who always says whatever he wants at any given time. We don’t know whether he meant what he was saying or not, but his expression clearly shows he will be grateful when given the chance.

As soon as the video pop up on the internet, netizens quickly reacted with some of them mentioning Amerado’s name. They believe Amerado will be angry with Dr. Likee for proposing to Delay but some don’t think that will happen.

Amerado and Delay made it clear to the public that they are just friends but no one is believing them because of how close they are and how they do things together.

Watch the video

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