What Lionel Messi Got For Wearing The Arabic Bisht In The World Cup Final Will Shock You

The honorary garment to Leo Messi was so important, they are offering $1 million for it

We’ve already explained how important the Bisht is for the Arab world, it’s the robe that the Emir of Qatar used to cover Lionel Messi before he lifted the World Cup for Argentina. This robe represents royalty, wealth, chivalry and wisdom, according to the Arab culture. It is likely the highest honor any person can he offered in that part of the world, and Messi got it. But this Bisht has awakened a sense of urgency to wealthy Arab people who want to collect it.

One Ahmed Al Barwani is a lawyer and a member of Oman’s parliament shot a massive offer for Leo Messi to consider. He wants to pay seven figures to get that garment to a proper display and collection for the world to see. But Messi is unlikely to give that back for money, he understands how massive this honor was to a foreigner and a person with no Arab cultural background. The more likely place where this Bisht will sit is the Leo Messi museum in his native town of Rosario. But despite this, the offer from Al Barwani still stands from a reliable person.

First, Al Barwani wrote something on Twitter and they spoke to The National about his offer. Here’s what he said: “From the Sultanate of Oman I congratulate you for winning the World Cup Qatar 2022. he Arabic bisht, a symbol of chivalry and wisdom. I’m offering you a million dollars (£829,000) in return for that bisht. I was at the stadium watching that moment live when the Emir of Qatar gave Messi the bisht.

“This moment told the world that we are here, and this is our culture, please know it well. It will be displayed to commemorate that moment of pride, and to help us relive it, and to also remind us that we can (do anything). This tournament was a source of pride and has highlighted important facts about how we didn’t forget about Palestine and that Arabs are one and united.”

Will Messi hear this offer and probably give the money to charity or will he keep it for his museum?


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