White Woman Apologizes For Disgracing Ghana To The World Following Nana Aba Anamoah’s Letter-Watch Video

A lady from the states humiliated Ghana during an interview, and Ghanaians are not happy about how she described their motherland. TV presenter Nana Aba Anamoah sent a letter to her following her description of Accra during her interview.

She is now sorry for what she said about the country and now asking the people for forgiveness.

“Here you are, Jessie Funk. I know I’d find you. Those lies you spewed about Ghana made you look less intelligent. That we hate the Mormons? Madam, are you okay? No one resents your temple.

The area your temple (the church of Latter Day Saints) stands in Accra (Ridge) is one of the richest, most peaceful, and most pristine neighborhoods.

I’ll forgive your imbecilic comments about the poverty-stricken and hungry people you claim you saw around that temple and assume you just wanted to appear relevant. You looked pathetic instead.

Indeed, we do have poor people here just as your country does too. There are so many Americans who call cars, shacks, tents, and boxes their homes. Nana Aba Anamoah wrote.

“A video I made talking about my experience in Ghana was taken completely out of context and there are many upset people from Ghana which breaks my heart because I love and respect the people of Ghana and their beautiful country so much.

I have been there twice. Once with my daughter. We learned so much from their amazing culture and deep wisdom. I cherish my experience there and I’m so sorry that something I said didn’t reflect my love for your country and people. I sincerely ask for forgiveness. Jessie Funk wrote.

All the celebrities that came to Ghana did not say anything bad about the country instead, they always talked about the kind of love the people of Ghana have for them but this white lady is trying to tarnish the image of Ghana.

Watch the video

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