World Cup ‘Séxiest Fan’ Ivana Knoll Has Shock The World With This Behavior

Famous Croatian model, social media influencer, content creator, media face, television personality, and entrepreneur, Ivana Knoll has violated the Muslim dress code despite criticism and a possible prison sentence.

Ivana Knoll has refused to stop violating the Muslim dress code despite the punishments attached.

After shocking Qatar with a low-cut dress, she showed off even more curvés at the stadium and during a provocative photo shoot.

The former Miss Croatia, who arrived to cheer for her national team, hit back at Qatar, saying the country must respect her right to wear whatever she likes.

Some social media users criticized the influencer for showing no respect for the Qatari way of life.

Under the local laws, she might face charges for dressing explicitly, but so far she hasn’t had any trouble.

The former Miss Croatia has emerged as the face of Croatian fans at the World Cup in Qatar. Knoll has gained millions of adoring new fans thanks to her spirited and daring outfits featuring elements of the Croatian flag.


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