Yaa Jackson Finally Shows Baby’s Face For The First Time, See Her Baby

Yaa Jackson is a Ghanaian actress, social media influencer, businesswoman, and singer. She is best known for her work on many films and for singing the hit songs Ginger, Slay Queens, and Ehw3 Papa. Furthermore, she is the daughter of award-winning film producer and director Jackson K Bentum and the sister of Reagan and Kwaku, who are also actors.

Not long ago the information came out that she got married secretly. Things became clear that she was pregnant and didn’t want to be humiliated so she quickly got married to avoid that.

After a month of his private wedding, she delivered her baby with pictures showing she is not pregnant anymore.

She got back to social media immediately after giving birth so a lot of people did not know she has given birth.

She usually posts her pictures alone but this time, she showed her baby’s face for the world to see.

Watch the video and see for yourself how adorable the baby is.


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