Five Highest Mountains In The World

There are several mountains across the globe, here are the top five highest mountains in the world and where they are located. 1.MOUNTAIN EVEREST (8,848m).Asia Mountain Everest is Earth’s highest mountain above sea level, the mountain is located in the Mahalangur Himal sub-range of the Himalayas. The China-Nepal border runs across its summit point. Its … Read more

Health Benefits Of Eating These Four Vegetables

Vegetables contains healthful vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber but some stand out for their exceptional benefits. Here are few vegetables and its important to our health. Garlic Garlic is a natural antibiotic. People have long used garlic in cooking and also for medicine. Each garlic clove contains four calories and is low in vitamin and … Read more

Presbyterian Boy’s Secondary School: Location, Category, Courses, Entrance, Uniform, Photos

Presbyterian Boys’ Secondary School (PRESEC) is a secondary boarding school for boys, in Legon, Accra, Ghana. It was founded in 1938, under the auspices of the Presbyterian Church of the Gold Coast. The Basel missionary theologian, Nicholas Timothy Clerk who served as the first Synod Clark of the Presbyterian Church of the Gold Coast from … Read more

St. Augustine’s College: History, Location, Category, Courses, Entrance, Uniform, Photos

St. Augustine’s College is an all-male boarding academic institution in Cape Coast, Ghana. The school started at Amissano, a village near Elmina, in 1930. The Roman Catholic institution was established to serve as a training college and seminary. The school was named after St. Augustine of Hippo. The motto of the college is “Omnia Vincit … Read more