Our Lady Of Mt. Carmel Girls’ Senior High School: Category, Courses, Uniform, Location, Entrance, Photos

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Girls Senior High School is a Catholic Mission assisted by the Government of Ghana. It was started by the Church as a private Girls’ school and since the year 2012, has become a government-assisted senior high school.

The school was established in 2006 to offer an excellent education with sound moral values to young ladies, with the view to ensuring effective girl-child education and empowering them with the needed skills for the future.


The school is located at Techiman in Bono East Region.

Is the vision of the school to be the best Girls’ Senior High School in Ghana that offers academic excellence and sound moral values.


Is the mission of the school to provide quality holistic Catholic Christian Education to young women to enable them to develop their fullest potential and be equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to assume their rightful roles and contribute meaningfully to a changing society.


The school offers the following courses;

  • Home Economics
  • General Science
  • Business
  • General Arts


Our Lady of Mount Carmel Girls’ Senior High School is a Category B senior high school and one of the senior high schools in Ghana.



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