T. I. Ahmadiyya Senior High School, Ekumfi: Location, Courses, Category, Entrance, Uniform, Photos

T. I. Ahmadiyya Senior High, Ekumfi is situated on the Esarkyiri Alumako road between Essarkyir and Ekrawfo town. T. I. in the school’s name stands for Talimul Islam, hence the full name of the school is Talimul Islam Ahmadiyya Senior High School. “Talimul Islam” is an Arabic phrase that means The Teachings of Islam.

Is the mission of the school to create a favorable environment for unlocking the hidden potentials of students using well-resourced and competent staff.

Is the vision of the school to develop into a model second-cycle institution for the promotion of academic and moral excellence.


The School offers the following courses;

  • Business
  • Home Economics
  • Technical
  • General Arts
  • General Science
  • General Agricultural


T. I. Ahmadiyya Senior High School is a Category B senior high school and one of the senior high schools in the Central Region of Ghana.



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