Acherensua Senior High School: Category, Location, Courses, Entrance, Uniform, Photos

Acherensua Senior High School was founded in 1960 by the government of the Republic of Ghana under the Ghana Education Trust. Fund and opened for the first time on 22nd September 1961 as a boy boarding school.

In 1969, the school became a mixed school with the admission of the first batch of girls in 1976, the school became a sixth form school and remained so till 1990 when the both Ordinary Level and Advanced Level systems phased out following the successful implementation of the new educational reform launched in the year 1987.


The pioneers who numbered seventy were divided into two classes, A and B comprising thirty-five each in class.

Is the mission of the school to produce young boys and girls to help meet the manpower needs of the country. The school is located in Acherensua in Ahafo Region.


Is the vision of the school to provide holistic education to the youth who will be morally and spiritually upright and of excellent academic standard.


The school offers the following subjects;

  • Agricultural Science
  • Business
  • Visual Arts
  • Home Economics
  • Technical
  • General Arts
  • General Science


Acherensua Senior High School is a Category B senior high school and one of the senior high schools in the Ahafo Region of Ghana.




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