St. Peter’s Senior High School: Location, Category, Courses, Entrance, Uniform, Photos

St. Peter’s Senior High School or PERSCO, is a Roman Catholic boy’s senior high school in the Eastern Region of Ghana. The school was established in 1957 by the Divine World Missionaries (SVD). The school is located in the town of Nkwatia Kwahu on the Kwahu Ridge.

The idea of establish the school started in 1956 when a delegation approached Fr. Cletus Hodapp of Society of the Divine World Missionaries (SVD) with a proposal to establish a school in Nkwatia. After a meeting between the then Nkwatiahene, Nana Asante Yiadom III, and his elders, and Bishop Joseph Bowers of Accra, a decision was taken to start the school and the present location was given by the people of Nkwatia.

Fr Clement Hotse was appointed as the first headmaster of the school on 10 January 1990. Classes began on 5 February 1957 at Mr. Onwona Farkye’s house with 36 students and two tutors.

The academic side of the school, popularly referred to as the Class Side, is the site of classroom blocks, science laboratories, quiz room and administration block. The laboratories are used for science practicals for the mandatory science courses of Physics, Biology and Chemistry


The school is located in the town of Nkwatia Kwahu on the Kwahu Ridge, Eastern Region of Ghana.


St. Peters’ Senior High School is a Category A Boys school and one of the senior high schools in Eastern Region at Nkwatia of Kwahu East Municipa District.


The school offer the following courses;

General Arts
General Science
Agriculture Science


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