Atebubu Senior High School: Category, Courses, Uniform, Entrance, Location, Photos

Atebubu Senior High School is located on the outskirt of the town, 2 kilometers from the Krachi junction on the Atebubu/Kwame Danso Road. The school was established on the 14the of October 1978 to serve Atebubu and its environments, though other students come from other districts and regions in the country.

The Atebubu/Amantin District is predominantly a farming community with other businesses scattered in the Atebubu township. The district, however, is a cosmopolitan community.


Is the mission of the school to provide excellent academic training for students in the Arts, Business, and Sciences. To unearth and nurture the inherent talents and potentialities in its students. To instill the fear of God, discipline, love, and leadership skills into its students. To produce students who will not only cherish trusted societal values but will be changed agents for a better society.

Is the vision of the school to aspire to be one of the best senior high schools in the country with the hope of empowering students academically, morally, and socially, and physicians who will be thoroughly equipped to do in all fields of endeavor.


The school is located in Atebubu in Bono East Region


The school offers the following courses;

  • General Arts
  • Business
  • Home Economics
  • General Science
  • Visual Arts


Atebubu Senior High School is a Category C senior high school and one of the senior high schools in Ghana.




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