Techiman Senior High School: Category, Courses, Location, Entrance, Uniform, Photos

Techiman Senior High School is a second-cycle co-educational institution located in Techiman, Bono East Region of Ghana. It has its slogan to be “Super Tess or Abusuafo”.

Former president of Ghana, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah established the school in November 1963 under the Ghana Education Trust with 71 students of which 53 were boys and 18 were girls.

Is the vision of the school to be a school where products are well disciplined to peacefully co-exist with others by inculcating moral and religious values into them to make them believe in themselves?


The school offers the following courses;

  • Business
  • General Arts
  • Home Economics
  • General Science
  • Visual Arts


Techiman Senior High School is a Category B senior high school and one of the senior high schools in the Bono East Region of Ghana.


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