UPSA Responds To Viral Video Of A Students Lashing Her Fellow Roommate

There is a video circulating on social media of a female student of UPSA lashing her colleague for spreading gossip about her. The video is in two sections; the first one was captured when the lady approaches the one she accuse of spreading the gossip at night with heavy beatings without listening to her first. The second video was recorded when she was punishing her in the room.

A lot of celebrities have posted the expressed their concern about the video drawing the attention of the school.

‘ Accra: 05-04-23 – The attention of the Management of the University of Professional Studies, Accra, has been drawn to a video making the rounds on some social media platforms about an altercation at the hostel.

An Investigation Committee has been set up by the University. Our preliminary investigation has revealed that the culprit is in a special non-tertiary programme in preparation for an external professional examination. Upon completion of the investigation, all responsible persons will face the full rigor of sanctions.

The University currently has more than 20,000 students who are committed to their studies and follow the University’s Code of Conduct diligently.

The behaviour exhibited in the video goes against our Code and does a disservice to the majority of UPSA students who uphold the values of respect and professionalism for which UPSA is known.

The University’s Code of Conduct, to which all our students subscribe, remains the document that drives student behaviour and conduct at UPSA. Students who violate the Code face disciplinary proceedings.

UPSA is proud of its tradition of scholarships with professionalism, which has resulted in the University producing several distinguished alumni currently making immense contributions to the development of Ghana.

Management remains committed and focused on producing graduates capable of addressing the many global, regional and national challenges all nations face today.”-the UPSA press release reads.

It was signed by Dr. Koryoe Anim-Wright, the Registrar






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