Okuapemman Senior High School: Category, Location, Courses, Uniform, Entrance, Photos

Senior High Schools In Ghana

Okuapemman School is a coeducational first-cycle institution in Akropong in the Eastern Region of Ghana. The school was established in 1957 by barrister Charles Opoku Acheampong, who had been a pupil in the chambers of Edward Akufo-Addo.

Due to its establishment in a traditional and royal area, Past Students earn the name Adehye. The school was started by Barrister Opoku Acheampong and was later handled by the government of Ghana after his demise.

Okuapeman Senior High School is a Category A School and one of the senior high schools in the Eastern Region at Akropong of Akwapim North District.

The school offers the following courses;

  • General Arts
  • General Science
  • Home Economics
  • Business
  • Visual Arts
  • Agricultural Science





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